Monday, 21 January 2013

Hunger Games, People of the Capitol

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a really lovely weekend, and for those of you who got the snow I hope you all made the most of it! Snow is possibly one of my favourite things, it just makes me feel so calm, a bit like rain does, but lots better, which means I have had a lovely and much needed relaxed weekend. I also managed to get myself a bar job over the weekend in order to pay for my holiday this year, I will tell you all more about this closer to the time.

A Little Bit of News

Before I get into my post, a little bit of news, it was IMATS in LA this weekend, and this was where sugarpill released their new pallet "Cold Chemistry" hopefully it will be available to the public soon, and as soon as it is I will be purchasing it to do a review so keep an eye out!

Limecrime also released their upgraded eye primer and a product called "glitter helper" these are another 2 products I will be purchasing as soon as they are available to the public to review, I have heard fantastic things about their previous eye primer so I am really looking forward to testing this one.


The Look

Anyway, back onto the subject of this post, it is the 3rd instalment of my bi-weekly make up tag with the lovely Elle and Bekki, pop over to their pages and take a look at what they have come up with if you get a second, they are both incredibly talented ladies.

We have decided to do a Hunger Games people of the capitol inspired look, I have been very excited about this one as I am a tad obsessed with the books and the first film, I cant wait until the next film comes out later on this year!

Well here are the looks I hope you enjoy.

Products used:
Snazaroo- Clown white
Loreal- Matt Morphose 110
Sugarpill- Velocity + Mochi
Barry M- Kohl pencil KP6
Limecrime- Loop de loop
Sugarpill- Velocity + Mochi
Hobbycraft- Pearl self adhesive gems
Sugarpill- Velocity + Mochi
Barry M-DD22+DD20
Barry M- Kohl pencil KP6
MUA- Pro mist fixing spray
I hope you liked this look, I really do appreciate you lovely people taking time out of your days to read what I have to say, it means a lot. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions I love hearing from you. The next makeup tag look will be mermaids, so keep an eye out :-) 
Talk to you all soon


  1. Amazing site, love the unique designs that you are demonstrating, keep up the good work

    1. Thank you so much :-) I really appreciate it xx