Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Favourite products of 2012 (Sugarpill)


Hi everyone, I have finally managed to get round to putting this post together, I have been wanting to do this one for ages, as Sugarpill are such and incredible brand and I think that everyone should know about them!

Sugarpill are an American brand, most of their makeup is Vegan and all of it is incredibly highly pigmented and colourful. I was introduced to Sugarpill some time around July, and from the first time I went on the website I was hooked, all I knew was I wanted all of it, and I wanted it all now.... I am still working on getting there... but I think I'm doing pretty well. I bought my first 2 products (Tiara and Stella) from Cyberdog in Brighton, this only made my need for more worse and a few short months later America had an amazing day called black Friday. Black Friday also happened to be the same day that I got paid, sooo I clicked on all three palettes and proceeded to the checkout, before I gave myself time to think about all the other things I actually needed to buy this month. Possibly not the smartest choice I have ever made, but I have no regrets at all!

 I will now show you a few pictures of swatches and the products, please bear in mind that these are rather well loved and used products, so they don't exactly look brand new, but still they should give you all a good idea of the colours, and hopefully explain my slight addiction.

All of the swatches are done over an Illamasqua cream base, I will definately recomend using a primer with these as it enhances the colour brilliantly.

Tiara and Stella

Tiara and Stella are from the Chromalust loose powder range.

Sweetheart Pallet and Bulletproof

This is the first pallet that was released in the heart pallet series, next to the sweetheart swatches is bulletproof, this is the only pressed powder that isn't included in any of the palettes.

Burning Heart Palette

Burning Heart is the second in the heart palette series.

Heart Breaker Palette

This is the third and final palette in the heart series.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite eyeshadow's, these are now available from Love makeup or from Cyberdog in either London or Brighton if you aren't to keen on ordering from America. My collection will hopefully be growing again as soon as payday hits! Talk to you all soon.
Charley xxx

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