Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fire and Ice

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week! A few weeks ago I mentioned that me and couple of friends Bekki and Elle were doing a bi- weekly makeup look, (please click the links on their names to check out their blogs and see what they came up with for this). Well it has now been 2 weeks, and the look we are all doing today is a Fire and Ice look. Originally I thought this would be so easy, and I was soooo wrong! I really struggled to come up with a look I was happy with, eventually I just sat in front of my bedroom mirror for hours until I found a look that worked for me.

I also used Snazaroo for the first time (the face paint company) for this look, it was really fun trying out a completely new product. I had been avoiding using their stuff as I don't want to create looks that are too face painty, however I really wanted to experiment with whiting out my face to see if it makes much of a difference to the brightness of the colours that I use. Well it does, it made a huge difference to the colour quality and vibrancy which I was really happy with. It was also slightly tacky so eyeshadow sticks to its that it doesn't budge, and at £4.99 a pot it is certainly a product I will buy again.

Another thing I tried with this look was face gems, I have seen lots of make up artists using them recently and I thought they could have the potential to really add to this look, personally I think they did, I looked into getting some of the ones that are available in boots now, but its such a long month I'm a tad skint so I thought I would look elsewhere and found sheets of 100 small gems in hobby craft on sale for £1, so if this is something you were thinking of trying I would head down there and see what they have available.

Fire and Ice

Anyway here is the look I hope you like it!

Fire and Ice eye makeup close up

Fire and Ice makeup

Fire and Ice makeup

Fire and Ice makeup

Products used:

Loreal- Studio secrets primer and Matt Morphose 110
Snazaroo- Clown white
Ice: (Base) Sugarpill- Tako, Mochi, Afterparty
(Details) Sleek- Sparkle 2 Turquoise
Hobbycraft- Ice blue gems
Fire: (Base) Buttecupcake, Flamepoint, Love plus
(Details) Sleek- Sparkle 2 Red
Hobbyraft- Red gems
Smoke: Sleek Sparkle 2 Grey
Benefit- They're real
Sleek- Peek a bloo and Pin up mix
Please let me know what you think, I love hearing the feedback that I get through facebook and from people telling me when they see me. Also if there are any looks you want me to try and products you would like to see reviewed before you buy let me know and I will do my best to include them. I have now opened up the comments section below to anyone, rather than just people with a google account, so feel free to leave a message there. 

Talk to you all soon



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